Ulysses by James Joyce

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

It took James Joyce seven years to write Ulysses, but its importance in the literary landscape cannot be measured. Published for the first time in 1922, Ulysses remains today one of the most revolutionary and influential literary works, an almost perfect example of the potential of the modernist novel.

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Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin of the last century is described through a series of allusions, metaphors, historical references and complex parodies and how Joyce used the language was never more beautiful or terrifying. As in the case of that Ulysses from the legend, the road becomes more important than the destination, and the novel becomes a celebration of existence and language.

Ulysses is indeed a difficult book, but with a special humor. Through his genius, Joyce presents the simplicity and absurdity of life, the most trivial events, but which define us all. Joyce transforms Dublin in Ithaca, in an omphalos where all elements come together, from politics and history to the literature history, mythology and theology. Because in the differences between us, in our inner and outer journeys, we all want to find the same thing: ourselves.