The Firm by John Grisham

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

Like the other novels of John Grisham, also The Firm carries the seal of authenticity brought by someone inside, who watched everything very carefully. So the author manages with a lot of talent to describe the daily life in a law firm, weaving an unexpected cop intrigue. The action is well dosed, the lively portraits of some lawyers put on making money shine primarily through intelligence, there are secret meetings, midnight walks, dangerous chases, all leading to a good end and full of irony.

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The central character from The Firm is Mitch McDeere, number one of the Faculty of Law of the Harvard University, conceited and sure of him at first. For him, America was the land of all possibilities and he had the future ahead, therefore he was working like a desperate, zealous and secure of his future. But his choice was a fatal mistake, because as a character was saying the money doesn’t grow on trees, and: ‘nobody, ever, does not receive anything without giving something in return!’. If you like this sort of novel, I recommend this book.