Misery Book by Oscar Wilde

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

The subject of Misery may seem trivial at first glance, but what makes this novel signed by Stephen King (a prose which doesn’t contain any element of fantasy or paranormal) be exciting, is the force with which the evil character is sketched.

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Most of the action takes place in a unique setting, with only two protagonists, at antipode – one evil, devilish, holding power and control and the other, far from being the hero, is the victim(the weak, addict, terrorized). The force by which is described the personality of the psychopathic, the reality filtered only through the eyes of the victim, without any gap through which to penetrate the unbalanced mind of the fanatical admirer, draws us with each page further along the storyline. It’s a shocking novel in which the reality of the normal human blends, dramatically and terrifying, with the spasmodic reality of a malignant mind. An experience that we can all imagine, but surely we will not go through the spiral path of the psycho-pathological stigma as well as Stephen King.

Read Misery and step into the world of Annie and Paul Sheldon Wilkers, the man traumatized and terrorized by his only ‘excited’ fan – the passionate, idolatrous and ruthless Annie.