Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl become one of the best-selling writer in 1940 when he released both children and adults books. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl was one of the best novels published in 1970 and it was very loved by children all over the world.

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The stories written by this great author were appreciated for their surprising endings and for their dark humor. Many of his works were adapted into movies and operas, and they were nominated for several Academy Awards. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl was one of the books which had many forms of interpretations. Director Wes Anderson made a film based on its action in which he used stop-motion animation and George Clooney’s voice as Mr. Fox.

The main character of the story is a smart, tricky fox named Mr. Fox, who has to deal with three cruel farmers named Bunce, Bean and Boggis. Our hero lives underground with his wife and child, and he has to support his family by snatching the livestock available on the three wicked men farms. His nephew occasionally comes to visit them, so Mr. Fox has to make bigger efforts in order to supply the proper amount of food his family needs.
Although he managed to outsmart his neighbors a long period of time, the farmers come up with a plan which implies killing the clever fox. One day they decide to sneak up on their enemy and shoot him, but the only thing they succeed is shooting Mr. Fox’s tail.

Trapped by their rivals along with other underground creatures, the Fox family is threatened with starvation, but that is only until Mr. Fox devises a plan to acquire food. He and his children dig a tunnel that leads them to Boggis’s house where several chickens are killed and carried back home by some of his young. While making his path to the next destination, the main character runs into one of his friends which agrees to help him in his mission. They arrive to Bunce’s farm and to Bean’s cider basement where they are nearly discovered by people who worked for the farmers.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl ends up with our heroes carrying back home their findings and feeding everyone who was waiting for them. Mr. Fox invites the other animals to live with his family in a safer underground neighborhood where they will no longer have to worry about predators. Everybody cheers for his good intentions whereas Bunce, Bean and Boggis are left waiting for the fox to exit from his hole.


A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket is a series of children’s novels which presents the lives of three brothers, Klaus, Violet and Sunny Baudelaire after their parents’ death in a house fire. The siblings are placed in the custody of a distant relative who is after their inheritance, and who tries everything he can to make the children’s life even harder than it is after their loss.

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The first novel, The Bad Beginning was released in 1999 and it gained lots of success and critical acclaim. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket became even more popular when it was adapted in films and video games, and it was sold in millions of copies all over the world. The story which was translated into 41 languages reveals the adventures of three orphans who have to face many challenges life has prepared for them.

After their parents death the children are sent to live with their cousin, Count Olaf, which is a vain man who only cares about himself. While they discover the bad intentions their cousin has regarding the huge Baudelaire fortune, the children are forced to clean and cook for the unprincipled man. Olaf turns to an old trick in order to steal their money by attempting to marry Violet, the eldest girl, but his plan fails as she signs the papers using her left hand.

The siblings escape from their cousin house and they constantly try to get protection from Mr. Poe who was responsible with orphans affairs, but he doesn’t always manages to help them. Count Olaf has many accomplices who help him disguise in different characters in order to find the children, and he turns to extreme measures in order to get their money. Murder is just one of the atrocities he plans along the way, but he seems to get away with it as he frames the children for his own crime. That is how the main characters end up running from the police and using different strategies to escape some dangerous situations.

As the stories continues, the three brothers discover more details about their parents death, and they make new friends who have to face the same faith as theirs. In the end the Baudelaires find a place they can call home, but they never solve the mystery regarding their parents decease. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket is a novel which gives the readers the opportunity to interpret the book as they want, and that is why it is considered an original story by many of its fans.


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Medea by Euripides

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First produced in 431 BC, Medea by Euripides is an ancient Greek tragedy which is based on Jasons’s and Medea’s myth. The action is focused on Medea, the barbarian protagonist who is betrayed by her husband Jason, who chooses to marry royalty, Glauce instead of choosing the mother of his children.

The excuse Jason offers Medea when he confronts her is that he couldn’t refuse the chance to marry a princess, while she is only a barbarian, but that he hopes one day to reunite both families and to keep Medea as his mistress.

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When the play opens, we can see a desperate woman who cries because of her loss, a person who hit the rock bottom someone who feels so bad that even the persons around her fear that she might hurt herself or her children.

Even Glauce’s father, King Creon has decided to take measures against Medea, so he is determined to send her into exile. She asks for the protection of the King of Athens, Aegus and she promises him that in order to repay him, she will help his wife conceive a child. Aegus accepts and he will offer her refuge.

Medea is determined to kill Creon and his daughter and she is plotting on how she can do it. She also wants to make Jason suffer and regret his decision and she will choose the most cruel way to do that.

In order to achieve the revenge she so much wants, she comes up with the idea to poison some robes and to offer them to Creon and Glauce; she wants to make them believe that she regrets all the bad things she said and that she wants to make peace. In order to seem more convincing, she sends her children with the gifts. Her offer is accepted and Medea’s plan works perfectly: Glauce can’t resist, she tries the robes and she will have a painful death just like her father.

The first part of her plan is accomplished, and the only person left to suffer is Jason; she chooses to sacrifice their own children, not because they did something wrong, but because she is convinced that this is the best way to hurt Jason.

Medea by Euripides presents a woman who was betrayed so badly by the man she loved that she becomes blinded by her wish for revenge. She had given Jason everything she had, she left her family for him, even saved his life by killing a dragon, she gave him children and this is how he repays her? She is a deceived woman who thinks that the best way for the people who made her suffer to understand the way she feels is to make them pay for what they did to her.

The play is a story about betrayed dreams and feelings, about people letting go to those who stood by their side when no one else did, about wanting to achieve grandeur and a better social position by giving up the most important things.

Medea by Euripides is mostly read as a feminist text because it explores the disadvantages of being a woman in a society ruled by men, and presents the limits a person can break when everything around them crumbles.


Silence by Shusaku Endo

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Written in 1966, Silence by Shusaku Endo is considered the writer’s supreme achievement. It received the Tanizaki Prize and is considered one of the best novels of the twentieth century.
The action of the novel is set approximately in the 1600s and it tells the story of the Portuguese missionary, Sebastiao Rodrigues, who decides to go to Japan with two other friends after receiving information that Cristovao Ferreira, their teacher – the one who made them want to spread God’s word – was forced to deny his religion, become a Buddhist and forced to marry a Japanese woman.

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To better understand the novel, we have to understand the atmosphere in Japan in the 17th century. The Japanese government feared that the Catholic power will affect its political situation in a negative way, and as a result, Japan’s most powerful leader promulgated anti-Christian edicts.

In times when choosing the religion you wanted to follow without any repercussions was not an option, Sebastiao has to survive the persecutions against Christians.

After being caught by the Japanese and accused of treachery, the only solution given to Sebastiao was to become a fumie, meaning that the government forced him to promote disloyalty towards God, otherwise he would have been killed. In this case, he has two options: he accepts their offer or he dies. Of course that the human instinct to keep his life prevails, and by the end of the novel, we will see a different Sebastiao Rodrigues. He will end up like his beloved teacher: to deny his own religion, forced to become a Buddhist, to get married and have children.

Silence by Shusaku Endo is a novel that shows that even the most dedicated persons can be persuaded to change their beliefs if their own life is threatened. Throughout the novel, we can see how Sebastiao changes: from a believer to an unstable person who starts questioning God after everything that happens to him.

The novel makes you wonder how would you react if you were in his position. Would you still continue to preach your religion, would you give up everything you believe, all the choices you have made in the past, would you give your life for religion? Or would you choose the same path as Sebastiao? It is a hard question, and by trying to answer it you can understand better which your priorities are, and whether you could go beyond your limits and put above everything, even your own life, the things you believe in.

Silence by Shusaku Endo is a novel worth reading, which will give you a lot of things to think about, but, most importantly: to whose silence does the author refer to?


The Warden by Anthony Trollope

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The Warden by Anthony Trollope is the first novel of the series Chronicles of Barsetshire, published in 1855, and his fourth novel. The author was located in Ireland at the time he first decided to start writing. The filled the pages with slices of the country and observed them industriously. Although his two first books were failures, Trollope’s work slowly evolved.

George Orwell called The Warden by Anthony Trollope one of his best work and his most successful novel. Archdeacon Grantley is built as an odious character, very aware of his trait, but he still prefers him to John Bold. The novel also contains a subtle attack on Charles Dickens, because the author found it hard to sympathize with his reforming zeal. Nevertheless, Anthony Trollope managed to turn from his false starts and animated guide books.

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The change can be considered a lucky accident. The writer traveled for two years in six counties after he was given the job of organizing country posts in South West England. It was his first experience of Britain outside London and he had the opportunity to visit many places and met many people. The combination of variety and hurry was the fuel his imagination needed to grow. The Warden by Anthony Trollope was based on those events and pieced together from memories of them all. The book was planned in one summer evening in Salisbury and its map was more imaginative than geographical.

Anthony Trollope confesses that the archdeacon, a life like character who he very fond of, is in fact the result of an effort of his moral consciousness. Moreover, the clergy who were the main characters are not people the author know. He had never lived in a cathedral city except London. The Warden by Anthony Trollope is actually a truly imaginative novel, the first of the Barsetshire series. The author’s gift for using his moral imagination to create characters was developed through years of day-dreaming. Although he never was a duke or a king, he was a clever Xenon whom women adored. The genuine and passionate moral imagination was the essence of the author’s approach to the novel and his means of insight into characters.

The Warden was one of the novels to follow in its disregard for plot, incompatible with Trollope’s choice of characters to involve in complicated and sensational situations. However, it doesn’t matter how they were set in motion, the important thing was that they were doing something and living their lives. The writer posed them a problem about the proper use of church endowments even if he was not fully aware of its rights and wrongs. The fact that he needed the opportunity to let his imagination run wild was more important and in that process characters came alive.


Robinson Crusoe

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Many things can be said about books and the real or fictional worlds they describe. If you are a book enthusiast, then you surely know that no other experience can be compared to reading good books. Nowadays, one can choose among various genres and categories, when needing to read a great book, and if you haven’t read yet Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, then stick close and read on as we are going to tell you more about this author’s masterpiece.

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The first thing you need to find out is that this novel falls in the category of historical fiction. Mostly, the story is a fictional one, but it is rooted in the real life of Robinson Kretznaer –who lived alone for almost 28 years, isolated on a small tropical island, somewhere near the island of Trinidad. This book was published in 1719 and it has a much shorter name than the initial title which was considered rather long.

Robinson Crusoe’s story follows the life of a sailor who is shipwrecked on an isolated island, where he needs to learn how to survive on his own. Crusoe’s parents try to make him change his mind in regards to his intention of leaving on sea expeditions. But, despite his parents will of following other career, he becomes a sailor and leaves on sea for the first time in August 1651. His first voyages on sea seem to be damned as the ships are either wrecked in storms, or the crew is imprisoned by pirates. However, Robinson Crusoe manages to save his life and return on sea for another voyage that aims to transport slaves from the African continent. A storm causes the ship to wreck and the main character of the story now has to stay isolated on an island for many years. On the “Island of Despair”, Robinson Crusoe needs to learn how to survive, procure food and keep him safe from being captured by cannibals, who visit the island from once in a while, in order to find prisoners to eat. Crusoe learns how to fish, hunt and to build a shelter where to sleep. He also learns to plant various vegetables and herbs to ensure his food. The island is a place of despair for him where no one came instead of cannibals. Later on, he helps a prisoner of cannibals escape and he makes him his companion. He names him “Friday” and teaches him English. Finally, Robinson Crusoe succeeds in saving himself from the island and returns to England in 1687.

Robinson Crusoe makes a great novel to read for those who like adventure in books and also limit situations people can come across in life.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Among other books that fall in the category of fantasy literature for children, the Harry Potter series occupies a leading position. The huge popularity the seven fantasy novels of the British writer J.K. Rowling have is mostly due to the fact that they present the captivating adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter, who uses his skills in casting spells in order to fight against the evil wizards. The novel series of Harry Potter adventures is mainly a fantasy story telling, yet it gathers elements of mystery, romance, adventure or thriller from other literature genres. All the novels are created to make readers enjoy and get captivated by every single page they read.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third novel of Harry Potter’s adventures, and the book was released in July 1999. In 2004, this novel was made into movie, just like the previous written stories that centered on presenting the fantastic adventures of this young wizard, embodied by the character of Harry Potter. The movies have made the novels even more popular among children, teens and adults as well.

The novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban follows the series of adventures Harry Potter has together with his close friends Ronald, or Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. All the three continue attending their classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they are taught how to use magic and cast spells. Professor Lupin and Sirius Back play important roles as well in the plot of this novel. Harry Potter’s parents have been murdered when he was very little, and Harry wants to take revenge on Sirius Black, whom he thinks to be guilty of his parents’ death. However, in the events that take place, Harry finds out that Sirius Black is not the one who killed his parents, but Peter Pettigrew, who they thought to be dead, yet he has been living all the time disguised as Scrabbers. Under the spell of professor Lupin, Scrabbers is transformed back into Pettigrew, who finally admits in front of Henry, Ron, Hermione and Sirius Black that he is responsible for the death of Henry’s parents. When returning to Hogwarts, professor Lupin transforms into a werewolf and attacks Henry and his friends. Sirius Black protects the young wizards by turning into a large black dog that fights with the werewolf. To increase the magic of the story, the author enables the young wizards to travel back in time and change things that could cause their death.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the main character also has to continue his fight against dark spirits called Dementors, who were capable of taking human souls.


The Wizard of Oz

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These days, both children and grown-ups can find various good books to read that can be fitted for their ages. If you are an adult, then you would surely appreciate reading horror, fiction or romance literature, whilst your kids will be captivated by the fantasy children’s novels. Among the greatest children’s novels, we definitely need to mention L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. This novel was first published by George M. Hill Company in 1900, and it soon became a very popular story among children from all over the world. Over the years, this story has been adapted to various movies and stage plays that added to its popularity among children of all ages. This book was written to please children of all times, and if you want to give your little ones the occasion to enter a world of fairytale, you should definitely have this book from children’s library.

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The Wizard of Oz’ story is presenting the adventures of a young orphan girl, named Dorothy, from the moment she is deposited by a cyclone on a mystical island. She needs to return back home in Kansas, where she has been living with her uncle and aunt until the cyclone interfered with her life. The only friend she is given, in the beginning of her journey, is Toto, a little black dog. However, she receives from the Good Witch of the North a pair of silver shoes which give her magical powers and protect her from trouble. She meets Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion who are eager to join her in her journey to the Emerald city, where the Wizard of Oz lives. All of them need help from the wizard in order to solve their problems.

For instance, the Scarecrow needs reasoning, the Tin Woodman a heart, the Cowardly Lion wants to be courageous, whilst Dorothy wishes to get back home with her little dog. In their journey, they come across many obstacles that are meant to test their friendship and courage, and they succeed in helping each other and prove values and abilities that they didn’t know to have. In the end of The Wizard of Oz, all the characters realize that the obstacles they have overcome gave them the values they wanted to receive from the magical powers of the Wizard of Oz. Moreover, Dorothy realizes that the magic silver shoes she has been wearing all along could cast a spell to getting her back to her home in no time.


A Game of Thrones

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Books are a great way to pass time and for many reading books is a real hobby. Although, these days many people prefer seeing movies that were shot after various bestsellers and most popular novels, there still are many readers who like to read various genres of literature like fiction, horror, thriller or romance. However, if you like reading books that deal with imaginary or fictional worlds, then we know for sure that you will like to read George Martin’s novel A Game of Thrones.

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The first thing you need to hear is that this novel is the first in a series of fantasy books that made this author’s name very popular among readers from all over the world. If you want to read the entire collection of these fantasy novels, then you should know that the series of fictional stories is named “A song of Ice and Fire”. This novel was published in 1996 and it sets the story lines for the entire series of books. Unlike other fiction books which follow a single line of narration, this novel introduces the reader to a fantasy world which has threes story lines, which are being depicted concomitantly.
As we mentioned above, the plot of the novel A Game of Thrones follows three distinctive story lines that interfere in the story telling.

Basically, the action is set in an unreal, imaginary world that draws the reader’s attention to Westeros and Essos, which are two fantasy continents on which the action and events of the story take place. The first story line named “In the Seven Kingdoms” presents the imaginary Seven Kingdoms, where the action is put into motion the moment King Robert dies and the successors to the throne begin their struggle for the crown and power. All King Robert’ sons fight between them, in order to be the next sitting on the Iron Throne. Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark finds out that all the successors to the throne are illegitimate sons of the king, which makes Stannis and his younger brother to be in right to claim for the throne.

Robb Stark – who is the heir of Eddard Stark – is named king in the North, whom he aims to turn into a self-ruled region. The next story line introduces the reader to the Westeros continent. Here, the rulers build a huge wall made of ice, in order to prevent attacks from The Others. Jon Snow is the main personage of this story line who prepares the war against The Others; he is the illegitimate son of Lord of Winterfell. The last story line of A Game of Thrones moves the action to the Esos continent, where Dearneys Targaryen, who was long ago exiled, now claims for the Iron throne.