A Game of Thrones

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

Books are a great way to pass time and for many reading books is a real hobby. Although, these days many people prefer seeing movies that were shot after various bestsellers and most popular novels, there still are many readers who like to read various genres of literature like fiction, horror, thriller or romance. However, if you like reading books that deal with imaginary or fictional worlds, then we know for sure that you will like to read George Martin’s novel A Game of Thrones.

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The first thing you need to hear is that this novel is the first in a series of fantasy books that made this author’s name very popular among readers from all over the world. If you want to read the entire collection of these fantasy novels, then you should know that the series of fictional stories is named “A song of Ice and Fire”. This novel was published in 1996 and it sets the story lines for the entire series of books. Unlike other fiction books which follow a single line of narration, this novel introduces the reader to a fantasy world which has threes story lines, which are being depicted concomitantly.
As we mentioned above, the plot of the novel A Game of Thrones follows three distinctive story lines that interfere in the story telling.

Basically, the action is set in an unreal, imaginary world that draws the reader’s attention to Westeros and Essos, which are two fantasy continents on which the action and events of the story take place. The first story line named “In the Seven Kingdoms” presents the imaginary Seven Kingdoms, where the action is put into motion the moment King Robert dies and the successors to the throne begin their struggle for the crown and power. All King Robert’ sons fight between them, in order to be the next sitting on the Iron Throne. Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark finds out that all the successors to the throne are illegitimate sons of the king, which makes Stannis and his younger brother to be in right to claim for the throne.

Robb Stark – who is the heir of Eddard Stark – is named king in the North, whom he aims to turn into a self-ruled region. The next story line introduces the reader to the Westeros continent. Here, the rulers build a huge wall made of ice, in order to prevent attacks from The Others. Jon Snow is the main personage of this story line who prepares the war against The Others; he is the illegitimate son of Lord of Winterfell. The last story line of A Game of Thrones moves the action to the Esos continent, where Dearneys Targaryen, who was long ago exiled, now claims for the Iron throne.