A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

The successful novel by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange, published in 1962 is a nonconformist and a controversial book. Anthony Burgess said of his book that: ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ should be a kind of manifesto or even a sermon on the importance of the possibility of the option. My hero, or antihero, Alex, is very evil, but his wickedness is not the product of social or genetic conditioning’s, but his own problem, in which he has committed with all lucidity’.

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The main character, AlexDeLarge, is a young man whose pleasures are the cultivated music, rape and violence. It is also the leader of a gang of thugs. After the crimes committed by this gang, Alex is sentenced to 14 years in prison. He agrees to be part of a program proposed by the government for the delinquents, a shock-treatment that would result in the ‘removal of the evil’ in him.

The experiment will succeed, any type of violence producing to Alex from now on a strong feeling of nausea, becoming incapable of doing any harm to others. Thus transformed, Alex will be let go in society. This Anthony Burgess’s novel, A Clockwork Orange, is a book that I recommend you, if you have not read it yet.