The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

One of the most popular and debated novels of our times, The Da Vinci Code, is also one of the best-sellers. Dan Brown’s book affords to deal with delicate issues of the Christianity world and beyond. The book was inspirational for the masses of people of different cultures; has incited people to read to find explanations, has broken myths, has caused science and the church to take attitude. The reading of the book led to long discussions in all social circles and the world remembered that there are books.

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Dan Brown’s book touches several sensitive points of the Christian doctrine. In the course of the action it is stated that Jesus had a wife in the person of Mary Magdalene and that had a follower with her. This human aspect of His person had been hidden by the Emperor Constantine the Great in order to strengthen the Roman Empire on the unity of the Christian religion. In the artistic vision of the novelist the emperor was not a believer practitioner of the Christian religion, but he only used it for political purposes.

Of course the success of The Da Vinci Code soon became a challenge for cinematography.