Pride and Prejudice

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

From the works of the English writer Jane Austen her most popular book and according to literary critics, the most valuable work is her novel Pride and Prejudice in which the main character and the writer’s favorite is Elizabeth Bennet, the second daughter of a country gentleman.

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The action takes place in England and the subject is a love story combined with misunderstandings that was classic for the late 18th century. Bennet sisters, five in number, are cared and raised by their mother who considered that marriage was the most important aspect for them. She tries to find for each girl a husband that can ensure them a carefree living. Elizabeth, the most clever and intelligent of the girls, will be the one who will try to live her life in a manner that will provide her wide perspectives.

Pride and Prejudice may seem hard for the throbbing lifestyle of man’s today, but no one should miss reading this book because the classical style, structure and dialogues will provide an enjoyable reading, and its psychology can offer anyone something of which he has to learn.