To Kill a Mockingbird

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There are many great books which can captivate readers with their stories, and the novel To kill a Mockingbird is for sure one of the most popular and appreciated books of American literature. This novel was released in 1960, and its author Harper Lee took as inspirational source her personal life and that of her neighbors in writing the story. Although the novel focuses on racial issues, and mostly on the idea that black people were not treated equally with the white people at the time, the story contains many humorous comments, which are meant to bring laughter in the reader’s room.
So in what follows, we are going to present you To kill a Mockingbird’ plot.

To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird pictures

To begin with, you need to know that the narrator’s father, embodied by the character Atticus Finch, is a real model of integrity for justice and lawyers. The action takes place back in the Great Depression, which was an economic crisis period preceding World War II. The narrator uses an unreal, imaginary old town, named Maycomb, in Alabama to set the action of her story. The main character is a 6 year-old girl named Scout Finch, who lives together with her father Atticus Finch, who is a lawyer, and her older brother, Jem Finch. The two kids pass their time with Dill, a little boy who visits his aunt every summer. Boo Radley is a secondary character that comes on stage as a strange neighbor, who lives isolated and, sometimes, scares the near-by living kids that imagine terrifying things about him. The kids keep their minds busy with finding ways in which to make this mysterious person appear in front of their eyes, but disappointingly Boo remains hidden.

The action of the story moves to presenting the struggle Atticus leads in defending Tom Robinson, a black man who has been imprisoned under accusation of having raped a white woman. From now on, Atticus’ family has to suffer from mocking comments neighbors and other citizens of Maycomb address them. Most white citizens of the old town are disapproving Atticus decision to defend Tom, who is considered guilty from beginning without proving it. Although the lawyer proves that Tom didn’t abuse Mayella Ewell, the black man is still imprisoned and then shot dead, while trying to escape. Myella’s father injuries the lawyer and attacks his two kids, when they were coming back home from school. Fortunately, a mysterious man saves them and brings them home. The kids realize that they have been saved by their mysterious neighbor, Boo. Myella’s father is found dead and Boo and Jem are accused, but the sheriff accepts the fact that the man stabbed himself accidentally. In the end of To kill a Mockingbird, Scout thinks of Boo and feels sorry for his misery life.


The Shining

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If you are a passionate reader, you surely like to read many books which fall in various categories and genres like science fiction, horror, thriller, mystery, romance and many more. However, if you like horror in books, you probably know that this genre relies on elements such as supernatural powers, murders and apocalyptic events. Today, we are going to discuss about the novel The Shining, by Stephen King.

The Shining The Shining Pictures

The first thing you need to know is that this book was published in 1977 and it brought Stephen King’s success as a horror writer. After only three years, a movie was shot after this bestseller, which made this book even more popular among people.

The Shining’ plot follows the line of a dramatic story, in which a family has to struggle against forces of evil, like ghosts and spirits of the dead. The main characters of the book are given by the Torrance family, which gathers Jack Torrance, Wendy Torrance and Danny Torrance. Other figures like Dick Hallorann, Stuart Ullman and Horace Derwent are secondary characters that are used in the novel to highlight the primary characters.

John Torrance is a father and a teacher and his life seems to be ruled by the fact that he is an alcohol addict. In fact, he comes to be expelled from school, due to the fact that he has bad temper and beats a student. Soon, he finds another job as a caretaker at an isolated hotel, named the Overlook Hotel. From now on, both his life and the one of those making his family change, and spirits of the dead and ghosts come on stage.

Jack’s son, Danny, although is only 5 years old, is endowed with supernatural powers, meaning that he can see things that normal people can’t. Basically, the title of the book is a symbol of the supernatural capacities the little boy has. Danny can see the future, read people’s minds and even use telepathic communication with other people endowed with the same ability to communicate. He becomes the main “target” of the evil spirits. But, since he is “special” and manages to get rid of the spirits that want to control his mind, the Overlook’ spirits turn to control his father, who comes to be violent and injury his wife, as well as other people whom he comes in contact with. In a moment of lucidity, he tells Danny that he loves him and that he would better runaway from him. The Shining ends with the hotel being destroyed by an explosion, and with Jack Torrance being killed.


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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The tragedy Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular writings of William Shakespeare and probably the most famous love story in history. This story is talking about the traditional hatred between the families of Verona, Montague and Capulet, challenged by the love that takes shape between Romeo, the son of Montague and Juliet, from Capulet family. The plot of this tragedy is the meeting between Romeo and Juliet. The feelings of the two become increasingly stronger, culminating with the famous balcony scene, when Romeo confesses his love to Juliet. The melodrama includes themes like premature death, family quarrels and the magic and power of love.

Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet picture

The story of the two lovers was distributed on the big screen as intense as it was played on stage. Since its first performance, the play was received with great enthusiasm, and there are voices that tell the story of the two lovers is based on a true story. Romeo and Juliet attracted the public with fascinating sonnets and amazing scenes. The costumes inspired by Elizabethan period have embellished the scene and have increased the dramatic tone and the lyrical effect. If the plot has captured your interest, read this book of William Shakespeare or go to the theater.


Pride and Prejudice

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From the works of the English writer Jane Austen her most popular book and according to literary critics, the most valuable work is her novel Pride and Prejudice in which the main character and the writer’s favorite is Elizabeth Bennet, the second daughter of a country gentleman.

Pride and prejudice Pride and prejudice picture

The action takes place in England and the subject is a love story combined with misunderstandings that was classic for the late 18th century. Bennet sisters, five in number, are cared and raised by their mother who considered that marriage was the most important aspect for them. She tries to find for each girl a husband that can ensure them a carefree living. Elizabeth, the most clever and intelligent of the girls, will be the one who will try to live her life in a manner that will provide her wide perspectives.

Pride and Prejudice may seem hard for the throbbing lifestyle of man’s today, but no one should miss reading this book because the classical style, structure and dialogues will provide an enjoyable reading, and its psychology can offer anyone something of which he has to learn.


The English Patient by Michael Ondaantje

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From the beginning this book, The English Patient, surrounds us in an atmosphere totally unique, placing, unequivocally, Michael Ondaantje in the category of writers of great exception.

The english patient The english patient pictrues

Placed somewhere at the end of World War II, in Florence, the action combines two distinct narrative threads, constantly alternating the past with the present, always leaving the future prey to the uncertainty. Taking refuge in an abandoned house and partially destroyed by bombing, the four characters in whose life history we will be ​​witnesses, all share similar existential drama, being however so different. At the modest shelter offered by the cold walls of the abandoned villa, one of the many ruins left behind by the flame of war, plays, among others, the tragedy of two love stories – one at the present, another in the past.

The English Patient is not in any way just a romance novel and in no case is a novel about war. It is a novel about people, a novel of contrasts, of the lost and found identities, of the uprooted, of both lost and wandering. Being part of different cultures with different pasts, with dreams, aspirations, different dramas, the four characters are closely interconnected by threads so complicated and intricate of life. Perhaps one of the bets things this book has to teach us is that difference and diversity mean nothing in the face of adversity, and even that our diversity should be celebrated and embraced. People who’ve had access to higher education will be no different from simple people in difficult situations, drama touches us all just the same. While indeed the lives of people with higher education and those of simple people can be led differently, how we react in the face of destruction or chaos is not that different. This is just one of the things that The English Patient makes you think about, and about human interrelations in general. That they are complicated, we all know; how we should react to most of them? This is something we must all ponder and reflect on.


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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The famous adage ‘be careful what you wish for may come true’ is illustrated in Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the Victorian London, Dorian Gray receives the gift of eternal youth and makes free use of this. Adventures with the ladies with the best reputation, but also with the lowest condition, dizzy nights in opium, cold-blooded murders, leave no trace on the cheek of the seductive gentleman.

Picture of Dorian  Grey Picture of Dorian Grey picture

It will be hard not to fall in love with Dorian. Admirably, Dorian defies the common sense and scandalizes the high society of British, not refusing the sensory pleasures. One chapter is entirely dedicated to the description of Dorian’s passions. The portrait can be analyzed from the perspective of a man’s love for another man. Two characters, the painter Basil Hallward and his friend, Lord Henry Wotton revolves around Dorian, they watch him, love him. Their perspective is the one through which we also watch him.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a classic novel and if curiously you have not already read it grab it as soon as possible and enjoy it.


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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One of the most popular and debated novels of our times, The Da Vinci Code, is also one of the best-sellers. Dan Brown’s book affords to deal with delicate issues of the Christianity world and beyond. The book was inspirational for the masses of people of different cultures; has incited people to read to find explanations, has broken myths, has caused science and the church to take attitude. The reading of the book led to long discussions in all social circles and the world remembered that there are books.

The da Vinci code The da Vinci code picture

Dan Brown’s book touches several sensitive points of the Christian doctrine. In the course of the action it is stated that Jesus had a wife in the person of Mary Magdalene and that had a follower with her. This human aspect of His person had been hidden by the Emperor Constantine the Great in order to strengthen the Roman Empire on the unity of the Christian religion. In the artistic vision of the novelist the emperor was not a believer practitioner of the Christian religion, but he only used it for political purposes.

Of course the success of The Da Vinci Code soon became a challenge for cinematography.


The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

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One of the best writings, the masterpiece The Lord of the Rings, had an immense impact on readers and became one of the best-sellers. The impact the book had on readers was so great that it was said that from now on readers will be divided into two parts, those who have read the book and those who will do it.

The lord of the rings The lord of the rings picture

It’s hard to imagine a fantasy world so fascinating, of which you have never heard: elves, hobbits, orcs, gnomes, white or gray wizards and so on. A peculiar mythology, mysterious lands filled with silence or terrifying and unforgettable characters – Gandalf, Gimli, Saruman, Boromir, Aragorn, Legolas, Frodo, Galadriel, Bilbo, Gollum – take the reader in a fascinating journey into the world of J.R.R Tolkien and his story.

The Lord of the Rings is a story about friendship, hope, love, loyalty and in which the presence of evil looking for the ring is constant and hypnotic: ‘One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’. Those who have not read the book yet, you have to know that The Lord of the Rings includes three parts: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.


War and Peace by Lev Nicolaievici Tolstoi

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The novel that paints in vivid colors the society and life in Russia, War and Peace is truly a climax of the realistic novel, along with the masterpiece Anna Karenina, both written by the Russian author Lev Nicolaievici Tolstoi.

War and Peace War and Peace picture

War and Peace is considered the greatest novel ever written, remarkable by complexity and unity. On its large canvas are woven the stories of 580 characters, some of which are historical and other fictitious. The story moves from the family life plan to the headquarters of Napoleon, from the court of Tsar Alexander I of Russia on the battlefield of Austerlitz and Borodino. The novel was written in order to explore Tolstoy’s theory of history, especially on the insignificance of individuals such Napoleon or Alexander. It was published in 1869 and includes four volumes each with many chapters.

Surprisingly, Tolstoy did not consider War and Peace to be a novel, as he did not deemed the great works of Russian fiction written up to that point as being novels. For the author, his work was an epic poem in prose. If you are interested in reading this book, you can find several translations into English and other languages.


A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

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This book is a human novel. Instead to portray heroes and antiheroes, James Joyce portrays in this novel the human inside us, both with qualities and with its defects. A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a book whose style is unique, but that can be read easily by most readers.

A portrait of the artist as a young man A portrait of the artist as a young man pictures

Initially the novel presents us the voice of Stephen, an obedient child, withdrew, clumsy in physical exercises, and who is trying to understand the world around him. Stephen filter through his own consciousness on the one hand the universe that molds him – the nationality, religion and language, on the other hand the voice of the artist of himself. One by one, Stephen is trying to find himself in family, in the school results and the admiration of others, in the sexual experiences, in the art of being a priest and to repent, for in the end to come to himself, to rebellion, to his own voice.

A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man speaks about innocence, the search for your own identity, immaturity and maturity, and also about the report of the artist to the society in which he lives.