One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

This is a book that describes all traits that can be seen in a generation. One hundred years of solitude or Cien años de soledad (in Spanish) by Gabriel García Márquez develops on two levels. First, the author frames the story of a family and the history of a city in which he is living for over a century. The main element of this story is the second level, that of meanings which projects the events in a story of re-edition the history of Colombia and also a parable of man, from the revelation to the apocalypse.

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The novel abounds in characters, stories and events, is alert and lively. It is written with such skill that it be compared to a kaleidoscope; depending on the angle you look, you will always find something in its essence. Macondo is the name of the fictional city inspired by Aracataca – the hometown of the author, which arises when the Buendía family is set beside a river. The content of the book portrays the seven generations of the Buendía which develop as epic presence, the author combining also details about his own life and family. The theme of love, as seen in the novel, could be the only way to save humanity, if this wouldn’t defy the moral standards, by turning into ridicule.

One hundred years of solitude is a book that worth reading and if looked closely, it brings meanings to the simple things.