Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

Gustave Flaubert depicts in the novel Madame Bovary the tumultuous life of a multifaceted and complex character, whose waves fall throughout the book. Madame Bovary is the symbol of eternal moral decay, of human collapse and of unleashed senses. The beautiful young girl who becomes by a boring marriage Madame Bovary lives an exalted existence, sunk in dreams of second hand inspired by books of popular use of knights and awnings. She denies the reality, looking for love painted in books, even if she lives near a dull man who does not suspect anything of the emotional turmoil that marks his wife’s existence. The woman’s beauty draws admirers, but her thirst for imaginary love is not soothe, Madame Bovary becoming, without consciously willing to, a fallen adulteress.

This classic French novel is more than 150 years old and from start to finish, it is full of passion and excitement.In this book, you will notice that Flaubert is a perfectionist when it comes to his writing and once even claimed to always be searching for ‘le mot juste’, which means, ‘the right word’. 

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Flaubert’s genius is distinguished by many techniques for developing the character. Emma Bovary is, thanks to him, a complex being, whose essence cannot be grasped and understood than through the entire novel. The book Madame Bovary is a work of art and is admirable Flaubert’s genius to put himself in the place of a woman.