Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

The novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown was written before The Da Vinci Code and has many similarities with the latter, from the same main character, Robert Langdon, and the same 24 hours in which the action takes place, until the religious issue and ‘the saving of the situation’ with the symbols that Langdon know so well.

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In brief, the famous professor is awakened in the night, when he is presented a picture of a corpse which has noted on the chest an ambigram that represents the name of a secret society which was thought that no longer exists, the Illuminati. Thus, it is released the theme of the novel, namely the conflict between religion and science.

The book “Angels and Demons” is full of surprises and twists of situations, but it will take you less time to read it than The Da Vinci Code; if you liked the last one, surely you do not want to miss the book Angels and Demons. For those who have not read or who have not liked The Da Vinci Code, still try the presented novel.