A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

Written by Gracie Cooper. Posted in Books

This book is a human novel. Instead to portray heroes and antiheroes, James Joyce portrays in this novel the human inside us, both with qualities and with its defects. A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a book whose style is unique, but that can be read easily by most readers.

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Initially the novel presents us the voice of Stephen, an obedient child, withdrew, clumsy in physical exercises, and who is trying to understand the world around him. Stephen filter through his own consciousness on the one hand the universe that molds him – the nationality, religion and language, on the other hand the voice of the artist of himself. One by one, Stephen is trying to find himself in family, in the school results and the admiration of others, in the sexual experiences, in the art of being a priest and to repent, for in the end to come to himself, to rebellion, to his own voice.

A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man speaks about innocence, the search for your own identity, immaturity and maturity, and also about the report of the artist to the society in which he lives.